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.NET development simplicity for cross-platform, data-centric HTML5 web & mobile applications

Gizmox extends and supports Microsoft’s core value in the Post PC Era of custom developed Line-of-Business applications market. In times where developers seek support to multiple type of devices, including PCs, Tablets and Smartphones with multiple types of operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android) , Gizmox offers Microsoft’s customers one development environment that supports all the above platforms with one codebase of C# and HTML5 atop any ASP.NET server. Its Visual WebGui platform is an extension of ASP.NET and Visual Studio for building & running data centric, enterprise – level, web & mobile applications. Visual WebGui compliments MS Visual Studio frameworks by addressing the needs of Microsoft core enterprise developers who need dedicated Visual Studio frameworks to rapidly address the shift into HTML5. By offering automated transposition tools from legacy Windows code into current HTML5 and .NET alternatives, Gizmox protects the MS Technology investment within its enterprise customers and maintain their use of the Microsoft technology stack even as they add support for non-MS devices. 

The Visual WebGui Pro Studio is the first framework to allow classic form-based .NET development for cross-platform, cross-browser and plugin-free HTML5 web applications. It now includes the Enterprise Mobile framework as well as a cross-platform HTML5 for data-centric, business web & mobile applications.

This version empowers developers and organizations to consolidate their entire development efforts into one place as it is a one-shop platform for web and cross-mobile applications. Thus eliminating the need to specifically develop for different platforms and using the same code base for all targets. 

Visual WebGui Web, Cloud & Mobile Applications

Visual WebGui Professional Studio Benefits:

  • .NET server-side simplicity
  • jQuery client-side power
  • Cross-platform HTML5 ready
  • Easy look & feel customization
  • Pre-designed themes
  • CSS3 Visual Effects
  • Fully flexibile and extendible
  • Improved cross-browser performance
  • Cross Mobile & Tablet device support

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